POST THIS PICTURE WHEN I DIE… Hopefully I’ll live to see my grand children“Wezi Mhone”

Zambia award winning artist and songbird Wezi Mhone wrote on their Facebook page “POST THIS PICTURE WHEN I DIE…Hopefully I’ll live to see my grand children”. This was after the singer shared a picture of her while enjoying herself with a bottle of Coke on her Facebook page.

Bitter, heartless and angry  individuals stormed the comment section commenting all sorts of insults and bullying because of her skin complexion. She later posted this Heart touching and disturbing massage  below.

Hopefully I’ll live to see my grand children.

I’m not suicidal. I’m just saying, whenever that will be and if you’ll be there after I pass… And you happen to have the conviction to pay tribute to me, Share this image in particular and I’ll tell you why…

It shows me in my darkness full of happiness and genuine laughter! I’d like to be remembered for spreading smiles and empathy. Edwin Chibanga of Fortress media took this iconic image of me. I love it.

About me crying earlier today, I didn’t cry because I’m weak or I feel bad about myself being bullied because of being me. I am very sad about people thinking it’s okay to damage others with words. And not care at all how much they hurt me. Some of those comments were just too heavy… Too painful! That’s what really moved me…

But it also helped me discover many others like me who have different issues and they have to face people’s harsh opinions on a daily basis… They shared their stories and pain with me in the comments and I read them all. I thank you for opening up and telling me how to survive everyday despite your struggles. I guess you never know how strong you are until the only thing you have left to be is strong in order to survive.

To the ones who stand in solidarity with me, I cannot thank you enough for your love and light, trust me I felt it and I truly needed it. It’s very important in moments like those to have people stand my you. I appreciate you eternally.

There’s nothing unique about this experience, it happens to many people in different ways. Those that lack empathy and compassion only pour out of their vessel what they are filled with. Hatred, anger & cruelty. And the really sensitive ones like me would never repay evil for evil. We shed tears to rid ourselves of the negativity smeared on us by others. It’s healthy to cry! I’m all cried out and fine now!

I genuinely want to send this message to the ones who hurt me, I hope you heal from whatever damaged you so much that you became so cold hearted & to an extent where you are perfectly fine with hurting people for fun or whatever excuse you may have. I hope you come to a turning point and learn that words kill like bullets too.

Be careful what you say to others cause some might not have the privilege I may have to be surrounded by fans and well wishers, you might send people into dark spaces they may never come out of. People might commit suicide because of you. In moments when you have absolutely nothing good so say about someone, love yourself enough to be quiet instead of hurting them…

Have a heart. Wishing you all a blissful night. Hope tomorrow will be positive vibes!

Yours sincerely, Wezi.


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