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“I made Xaven to sign the NDA she can’t say anything about me in her life” Mutale Mwanza

Drama as Mutale Mwanza made Xaven sign the NDA. Mutale Mwanza explained that this came after she had some misunderstanding with Sarafina aka IBU and since then she always make sure every person who comes to work with her have to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement. She further disclosed that all the allegations and rumors about her they will addressed through her show The Mutale Mwanza unscripted rearity show.

“Xaven can’t say anything about me at any point in her life because i made her sign the Non Disclosure Agreement after my experience with IBU,That’s why she can’t bark,Let her try it’’ Mutale Mwanza

Below is the screenshot on which she explained why Xaven can’t say anything about her.


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