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“I joined USA Army Because I had to dream about it” T Bwoy

T Bwoy T Bizzy

Tanonga Nswana commonly known as Tbwoy T  Bizzy testified that he had to dream for his new Job the time he visited OC oscillation a Zambian artist who’s based in the United States of America.  Below is the statement he wrote!!

It started when i went to visit oc_osilliation the first day spent a night at his house, I dreamt I was wearing the USA army uniform, and when I woke up I told him about this dream and how had the same dream for many years and I laughed about it but he took it serious, he went to ran an errand then came back and asked me if I could do it and Jokingly I said let’s give it a try then he called a recruiter from Atlanta and we went there immediately was given a test which I passed but I couldn’t do it from there so I went back to Florida and searched online and a name of a recruiter came up, I called tye recruiter, we did the same process that we did in Atlanta but the problem was that I was already 36 years the age limit is 34, my recruiter worked tirelessly till I was given a waiver and that’s how things changed up.

Thank you so much to everyone that supported me, the references Chris OC and Naomi guys you made it possible.


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