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Fans console Wezi after social media bullying 

Fans console Wezi after social media bullying

SOCIAL Media users are showing award- winning melodious songstress Wezi Mhone some love after being a victim of online bullying.

The singer was targeted after she shared a photo of herself enjoying a bottle of Coca-cola.

For many, that is just an ordinary picture but for some it became an entry point for some netizens to showcase their hurtful nature as they flocked to the comment section to demean her appearance in the photo.

Wezi later shared on her Facebook page that she broke down at the hurtful comments in spite of her being positive about it.

“About me crying earlier today, I didn’t cry because I’m weak or I feel bad about myself being bullied because of being me. I am very sad about people thinking it’s okay to damage others with words. And not care at all how much they hurt me. Some of those comments were just too heavy… Too painful! That’s what really moved me,” Wezi disclosed.

“Be careful what you say to others cause some might not have the privilege I may have to be surrounded by fans and well wishers, you might send people into dark spaces they may never come out of. People might commit suicide because of you.”

She added there was nothing unique about her experience as many people go through it in different ways but however implored online bullies love themselves stay silent in moments when they have nothing good so say about someone, instead of hurting them.

Wezi later requested for people to share a black white photo of her smiling in the midst of darkness.

And people have been responding, with a number of celebrities, fans and even institutions sharing photos of her to encourage her during this time.

Meanwhile one of her followers Lilian Bwalya Mutale decided to come out and shared her story on how people stigmatized her skin condition.

“You know…The first time I realised my skin was that horrible was when I overheard someone call me “LILLIAN WAVILONDA” that day I locked myself up and cried the whole night. Some called me dirty, Leonard (animal) print [while] some called me cursed [and] others called me sick,” Lilian narrated.



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