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Drama As Pastor Jimmy Kay uses strong language on Ephraim.

Pastor jimmy kay and Ephraim son of Africa


This was after Pastor jimmy raised a post over some prophets and pastors who are too much into prayers spending so much time in mountains fasting and praying but unable to be there financially for their families or rather spouses.

Check out the conversation for the two, below!

Real Talk With Pastor Jimmy Kay: One of the biggest frustration in life is to have Jesus in your heart and no money in your sister please don’t marry a guy who speaks in tongues and can’t pay bills.any man that spends more time at the mountain speaking in tongues and can’t take care of his family is a wicked must have balance.

Ephraim Son Of Africa:Yama i think you are forgetting where we are all coming from. We are a product of those same prayers and the things you are now lookin down on. Material things should not take up the important things that build relationships.

Real Talk with Pastor Jimmy Kay:Ephraim Son of Africa Yama! it’s either you too dumb to understand the English in my post or you are playing to the gallery,always trying to be a mr goody two shoes,don’t come to my page to write rubbish am not your yama and am not your friend,and most certainly I didn’t ask for your opinion,go to school and improve your comprehension,what part my post suggest that am looking down on prayer?alo bukopo?

Ephraim Son of Africa:Real Talk with Pastor Jimmy Kay we miss the pastor in you buddy not this Jimmy we are seeing here heheheheaa.

Real Talk with Pastor Jimmy Kay:Ephraim Son of Africa I miss the genuine ephraim, thats if you have ever been genuine,not this hypocritical,condescending,back stabbing piece of crap you have become “buddy”




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