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Could it be Vubwi’s song Friendzone is all about what’s on the ground with Ndine Emma?

Finally Vubwi opens up to Ndine Emma through her song Friendzone.

Recently Zambian comedienne SALIYAH MIYANDA who is popularly known as Vubwi dished out her second debut single song called Friendzone where she sang a situation same as their friendship and seemingly what is happening between her and Emmanuel Phiri also known as Ndine Emma.

On this song Friendzone she talked about a situation where she loves someone and regards him as someone who’s more than just a friend but in return she’s always being introduced to his friends that she’s his sister or rather a homie. She also expressed how bad she feels seeing him hugging other girls. Questions have been raised by fans, because all what is in this song it’s what is seemingly happening between her and Ndine Emma. Could it be the singer thought to open up to Ndine Emma and tell him how she feels on how she’s being regarded as just a friend what’s your thoughts let’s discuss by commenting your thoughts in the comments section below this article. Also get to listen to this amazing song Friendzone by Saliyah Miyanda


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