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Chuzhe Int – Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A) Full Album Download Mp3

Chuzhe Int - Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A) Full Album

Chuzhe Int – Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A) Full Album Download Mp3

Zambia prominent and talented artist by the name of Chuzhe Int has just dished out his first-ever album. The album is titled or rather abbreviated as S.B.A which means “Strongest Boy Alive” and has already gained a lot of attention from his fans. The album features a mix of different genres, including Afrobeat, RnB, and Zambian traditional music. Chuzhe Int has been in the music industry for a few years now and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. His unique style of music and ability to blend different genres has earned him a loyal fanbase. With the release of “Strongest Boy Alive,” Chuzhe Int aims to take his music to new heights and reach a wider audience. Fans can expect more great music from him in the future.

Well, for now check out his latest set of songs on which he featured some Zambian iconic musicians.

Artist (S)TitleAction
1Chuzhe IntIntro (Prod by Younger BlesserDownload Mp3
2Chuzhe Int Ft. Jorzi & Destro FNPStrongest Boy Alive (Prod by Mpende)Download Mp3
3Chuzhe Int Ft. RK RajiMatatizo (Prod by Loss Landers)Download Mp3
4Chuzhe Int Ft. Goddy No Love (Prod by Puta Tulale)Download Mp3
5Chuzhe Int Ft. Jay Rox Monalisa (Prod by Puta Tulale )Download Mp3
6Chuzhe Int Ft. Roberto Show Me (Prod by Eazy the producer)Download Mp3
7Chuzhe Int Ft. Jay Izzy & Yhunger Wala Wala (Prod by Kademo)Download Mp3
8Chuzhe Int Ft. Outre TigaInsecurity (Prod by Outre Tiga)Download Mp3
9Chuzhe Int Family United (Prod by Mpende)Download Mp3
10Chuzhe Int Ft. Chester & Rich ProChalo Chabene (Prod by Rich Pro)Download Mp3
11Chuzhe IntKing Is Born (Prod by Gutta & Tonny Breezy)Download Mp3
12Chuzhe Int Ft. Jae Cash & Umusepela Crown Mwebafyashi (Prod by Gutta & Rich Pro)Download Mp3
13Chuzhe Int Chuma (Prod by Puta Tulale)Download Mp3
14Chuzhe Int Ft. Briness & KobbyHouse Party (Prod Mpende)Download Mp3
15Chuzhe Int Ft. MbototoSatana Achilemona Kwati Teti Mbuke (Prod by Mpende )Download Mp3
16Chuzhe Int Party Ku Komboni (Prod by Puta Tulale & Kademo)Download Mp3
17Chuzhe Int Ft. T-Sean & Bow ChaseNdi Wa Last (Prod by Kademo)Download Mp3
18Chuzhe Int Mulenjelelako (Prod by Puta Tulale)Download Mp3
19Chuzhe Int Ft. Mumba YachiIfisabo (Prod by Liss Landers)Download Mp3
20Chuzhe Int Ft. GomaSancho (Prod by Miles Came Along)Download Mp3
21Chuzhe Int Ft. Chester Lesa Wachibili (Prod by Chester More Power)Download Mp3
Chuzhe Int Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A) Full Album Download Mp3


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