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2 K!lled by mob over alleged r!tual k!llings in Mumbwa District (Watch)

2 People k!lled by mob in Mumbwa after being suspected to be the masterminds behind the ritual killings happening in the district (watch)

2 Killed by mob over alleged ritual killings in Mumbwa District

In a shocking incident in Mumbwa District, two suspected ritual killers were brutally stoned to death by an angry mob. The incident took place amidst growing concerns over the rise in ritual killings in the area. The mob, fueled by a mix of fear and anger, took the law into their own hands and delivered swift justice to the alleged perpetrators. This gruesome act reflects the frustration and desperation of the local community to put an end to the horrifying practice of ritual killings. The authorities are now faced with the task of addressing the underlying issues that contribute to such heinous crimes and restoring a sense of safety and security in the district.  Below is the statement issued by Brian Mwale.

By Brian Mwale

Mumbwa District in Zambia was rocked by violent protests on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, after a man was found dead with his heart and private parts missing. The angry mob accused two businessmen of being behind the ritual murder and lynched them in broad daylight.

The victims were identified as Sikaonga Enerst, a well-known Nkeyema businessman who went by the nickname Yakaipa, and his friend David Mwakiyoma, a Tanzanian national. They were both burnt alive by the irate crowd, who suspected them of involvement in the killing of Mwiya Kashweka.

According to Danny Mwale, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, the riots started after the police arrested a suspect in connection with Kashweka’s death. The residents demanded that the suspect be handed over to them for mob justice, but the police refused. This sparked a clash between the police and the protesters, who threw stones and petrol bombs at the law enforcers.

The situation escalated as the mob went on a rampage, destroying public and private property. A veterinary office was set ablaze, while windows of the police, immigration and national registration offices were smashed. Two motor vehicles that were involved in an accident were also torched, along with four other private vehicles that had their windows shattered.
The police received reinforcement from the Zambia Air Force and the Department of Wildlife to restore order. Two officers were injured in the process, while some shops at the market were looted by opportunists.
Mwale said that investigations have been launched to establish the circumstances surrounding Kashweka’s death and the subsequent riots. He appealed to the public to remain calm and cooperate with the police in their inquiries. He also warned that anyone found breaking the law would be dealt with accordingly.


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